Monday, May 12, 2014

Beyond Sharknado

Drunkard Pablo gave me an excellent blog topic today.

Also, he wants a better nickname than Pablo, so I'm offering Rowsdower or El Huevo.

Take it or leave it.
Anyway, the topic is this: It's tornado season here in Texas, and there's no better tornado than a SHARKNADO.

If you see a Ford Focus with this sticker
on the back window, that's totally me.
But wait...are there other, even awesomer 'nados out there? Maybe so, child. Maybe so.

Like maybe...a frognado?

Ribbit! Ribbit!
Or a Shatnado.

Every hair still perfect, you'll notice.

Or a cornado.

Mind the ears!
Or a Dogenado?

So meme. Wow.
Or the ever-terrifying TORnado.

My personal favorite.
Maybe, like, a Thornado?

The windy hammer of justice? I don't know.
And finally, the protector of us all...the Ralphnado.

Full disclosure: Voted for this one
in 2000.
Take your pick. Their powers are all terrifying.

Also, I can't wait to see Sharknado 2, can you?

You're either with me or against me here.

And remember, there's always the horror of the Pauly Shornado.

Totally no need for Photoshop to enhance
the terror.
Thanks again, El Huevo.

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  1. Just when I manage to completely obliterate Pauly Shore from my memory he comes many options, and you had to go with Pauly Shore. An Al Gore-nado? Even an Anna Wintour-nado?

    Instead you bring up memories of the summer I watched "Encino Man" and wanted that hour and a half of my life back. It was so terrible not even Rudy Samwise and Dudley of The Jungle could save it.


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