Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Beyonder Sharknado

Yesterday I had a bunch of fun making alternative 'nadoes. You know, like Sharknado, only not with sharks. Check 'em out if you haven't.

I'll wait.
I had so much fun, in fact, that I made a whole new batch. Which is great news if you enjoyed the first post. If you didn't...fill out this form, and you'll get your money back on a prepaid Visa card in four to six weeks. I hope you still have the original receipt.

Sharknado consumer law is pretty much unregulated
at this point in time.
So here's 'Nadopalooza, Part Deux.* It goes a little something...like this.

If you liked Sharknado, you'll love:


That's right, a tornado made of iron.
And snappy comebacks.

Just because they're smaller than sharks
doesn't mean they don't smell just as bad.
How about...Dung-beetlenado!

This one gets pretty messy.
Perhaps you'd prefer the windy stylings of Al Gorenado!

Considerably more violent and unpredictable
than in past generations.
Hungry? Try potatonado!

It makes its own curly fries.
Get it? Never mind.
And finally...darknado.

Hey, I'm busy.
*I totally just realized that if you pronounce 'Nadopalooza with a short a sound in the first syllable, it sounds like a celebration of gonads. Which should give me some interesting search-term data and result in some disappointed perverts. Everybody wins!


  1. I thought Starkonado would be of a tornado of women who were starkers.*

    *That's English, not Americanish.

    Never mind.

  2. I take full credit for the Al Gorenado, having mentioned it in a previous comment, and look forward to receiving payment in four to six weeks, preferably in the form of carp.

    1. You are totally correct! I owe you credit. Under what name should I attribute you, keeping in mind that El Huevo is already taken?

    2. Feel free to refer to me as "Wolfie", short for "Wolfgang", a nickname I earned because I laugh just like Tom Hulce in "Amadeus".

  3. Holy shit..this is hilariousnado.

    I'm going to sit at my desknado and try to think of a few more. I'll need more coffeenado.

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