Saturday, August 12, 2017

This Is Not Me (Not Even Close)

This is a not a normal Saturday afternoon post.

But this is not a normal Saturday.

You may have heard that the University of Virginia in Charlottesville has been beseiged by a large number of alt-right activists...

Sorry, backing up. Can't say that with a straight face.

UVA has been invaded by fucking white supremacists who claim they are being threatened by  non-white, non-male, non-Christian people aka most of the freaking planet.

They brought their own nahtzee helmets.
How cute is that?

Apparently the definition of "threatened" is now "we thought democracy meant we were in charge but now it means we're equal to people who don't look or worship like us and we just figured out that sucks for us."

And so these butthurt white Christian males have chosen to express their outrage that other lives actually do matter. By burning torches and rallying around a statue of Thomas Jefferson, because why not it's not like Daveed Diggs, a POC, slayed the role of TJ in Hamilton, proving that skin color doesn't define greatness.


Look. My dad is a white American male. My brother is a white American male. I have many co-workers who are white American males.

I don't agree with their views 100%. But I love them, and I respect them, because I know they're all good people. And good people can disagree.

But if any of them - ANY, including my own family - were to light a torch and chant slogans about being superior to lesser beings aka anyone who doesn't look and think exactly like them, they would be dead to me.


I am a white middle-class suburban mom. Aside from the obvious defect of my gender, I'm a member of just about the most privileged class in American society. Not considering the super-wealthy, who in my mind only exist to demonstrate the evils that money can do to putatively normal people.

I love good people. Whether they be white, black, Hispanic, Muslim, gay, religious, or whatever.

Also, I despise bad people, whether they be white, black, Hispanic, Muslim, gay, religious, or whatever.

Because "good" and "bad" transcend random accidents of birth.

But fuck these people who can't deal with the world not being controlled by white professed-Christian males.

How dare you claim to be Americans in an America populated by immigrants, refugees, marginalized groups, and outcasts?

This country belongs to those who love it.

And doesn't give a damn about the pigmentation, religious affiliation, or political orientation of anyone who pledges their allegiance to our flag.

Take your torches and your slogans and shove them up your asses, you pseudo-American hatemongers.


Please love or hate me. Either response is totally welcome.


  1. Well, President Trump is making a statement on it, so I'm sure he'll put those white sumpremacists in their place and calm everyone down...

    Oh. Wait. No, he blamed "all sides" and "all colors."

    So close.

    1. Well, he has practice. Each time Zionistan destroys Gaza the American president of the day, in between shipping bombs to Tel Aviv, blames "both sides" fit for the violence.

  2. A few months ago I attended a peace and unity rally. It was a diverse crowd although mostly people of color, but a guy who looked like me--that is, white--got up to speak. And he said, "I'm going to keep my remarks short because people who look like me have been speaking over people like you for far too long."
    I try to take that as a lesson. I didn't ask for and don't want my skin color to confer a privileged status but it does. Maybe I can use it for good by standing silently among people who don't look like me.


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