Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Endorsements

I have five things to endorse today.

1) The Bai TV commercial featuring Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake. This is off the freaking chain. Precocious Daughter recently stopped drinking soda and has switched to Bai. I continue to suck down Coke Zero, and also I'm not an *NSYNC fan. But anything that CWalk and PDaughter like, I will support.

2) Cold pork 'n beans. Not just room temperature, but actually stick-a-can-of-Van-Kamps-in-the-fridge cold. I'll eat 'em room temperature, I'll def eat 'em heated up. But coooooold p'n'b reminds me of my childhood and makes me happy.

3) Chopped Jr. Yes, the Food Network show. Over the past 25 years I've become a pretty damn decent scratch cook. But when I was in middle school? I could not have turned fried pickles and mole sauce into a Korean-infused entree. Hell, I couldn't do that now. Mad props to these kids. Also, it's hosted by Ted Allen, who always was my favorite Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

4) Claude Taylor. If you're on Twitter and haven't followed this former White House staffer-cum-artist-cum-SJW, you should. His nose for new is razor-sharp, particularly when it comes to the latest Trump intel. Also, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

5) Otters. Why we can't all be more like otters? Feisty, smart, loving, and adorable af. Just saying.

What five things do you recommend today? Share, please.


  1. 1. Sleep. I need it.

    2. Music, of whatever's your genre.

    3. Hard science fiction, by say Greg Egan.

    4. A long time away from everything.

    5. Arundhati Roy.

  2. 1. Commercials that make me want to buy a thing I wouldn't normally buy even though I feel conflicted about being so easily duped. (See also: Bruce Campbell and the Old Spice deodorant I've never used.)
    2. Blogs that make me feel a little better about said commercials.
    3. The Newport Aquarium in Kentucky because a genius decided to put the otter exhibit and the jellyfish exhibit right next to each other. You have to experience it to know how truly brilliant it is.
    4. The current season of Doctor Who. I'm gonna miss Capaldi.
    5. Ryan North's dinosaur comics (www.quantz.com).
    And I'm out and I feel guilty for not putting in an additional hooray for Ted Allen and Chopped Jr.

  3. 1. The new Roger Waters album, "Is This the Life We Really Want?";
    2. Any book by VS Ramachandran;
    3. Staring at rain clouds;
    4. Stoner metal, listened to as background music; and
    5. Going to the doctor about that thing that you've been trying not to think about. Everybody's got that thing they've been trying not to think about, and maybe it's time.

  4. 1. Adopt an older pet. We recently added 2 new older dogs to our home. They love you like no other.

    2. Venture out of your comfort zone a little. I recently joined a class at my kid's cheer gym. It is silly and awkward but it felt good.

    3. Binge watch that old show you didn't get to see when you were younger. In the last year I have gone through several (Oz, The Sopranos, etc.) and I really enjoyed them.

    4. Learn to let go. Lately I have just had to walk away and let the chips fall where they fall... Hard to do, but feels good to move on.

    5. Tell people how you feel about them now... Don't wait.

  5. 1. Luna Bars. Especially the Lemon Zest ones.

    2. Hockey. I like it, I love it. I want some more of it.

    3. Mexican restaurants' lunch menus.

    4. Making analogies that clarify a hard concept. Seeing people "aha" is fabulous.

    5. Realizing your gut decision was dead on. Because it doesn't happen often, but it's so satisfying.


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