Thursday, June 1, 2017

He Blew His Mind Out in the Oval Office

President Donald Trump struck a blow for Philistines and robber barons today by announcing that the United States of America would withdraw from the Paris Accords on climate change.

Because my God he's bad at this and easily swayed by evil people.

Basically, the USA just ceded its leadership of the free world. That's pretty damn sad, you know?

So I decided to think about something happier, like the fact that The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is 50 years old today. Not only is it an awesome, groundbreaking album, but it will always be older than me, which I appreciate more and more as the years whoosh by.

Anyway, I decided to combine the sublime with the ridiculous and pen this ode to Trump's boneheaded decision, to the tune of probably my favorite Beatles song, "A Day in the Life."

If you don't know "A Day in the Life," shame the hell on you. YouTube it, people.



A Day in the Life (of a Crazy-Ass POTUS)

So Trump withdrew today, oh boy
He called shenanigans on climate change
And though he blew off the Accords
Well, I still tried to laugh
Because he sounded daft

He said America comes first
Twenty-two Senators backed up his claims
A large majority cried foul
And I just have to add
Forty-five is bad

I'd love to kick...him...out...

Woke up, here's what I read
America's leadership was dead
We are victims of hysteria
With Syria, and Nicaragua, too (gasp, cough, choke, wheeze)

CO2 pollutes the air
But Trump insists there's nothing there
He believes he's more than just a joke
But Bannon spoke, and of course he went along


I watched the news today, oh boy
France's Macron took pity on our souls
And though the world was rather kind
Everybody knows the President has lost his freaking mind

I'd love to kick...him...out...


(Long piano chord)


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  1. You've brilliantly highlighted why that album is still relevant today.
    Although I'm also okay with the U.S. ceding its leadership. For a country that's claimed to represent the free world we have a history of electing belligerent idiots. We just happen to have saddled ourselves with one who's more belligerent and more idiotic than any of the previous ones.
    We pay a lot of lip service to the ideas of peace and freedom without asking our leaders to really uphold them. Maybe another country, or countries, will do a better job.


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