Monday, April 17, 2017

... ... ... My President?

Here's a positive thought:

I now empathize with those who thought for the last eight years that America had an unqualified, illegitimate, toxic President.

Ever since January 2009, I'd wondered how any citizen in their right mind could harbor such bilious ill will against a democratically elected President. How seemingly rational people could simply refuse to accept, or even tolerate, that a candidate for whom they hadn't personally voted was the leader of the free world.

How the most innocuous words or actions could be twisted by his opponents into something contemptuous and derisible.

How every positive spin issued by his administration could be interpreted as blatant lies and hypocrisy.

But now I understand.

The current President of the United States won the Electoral College vote, the only measure of a candidate's victory per the Constitution.

And while I may believe with all my heart that the current President of the United States is a corrupt, inept, unremittingly oligarchic puppet of special interests, it doesn't change that he is what was elected to lead our nation for the next four years...assuming he isn't assassinated or impeached.

I  get it.

I reserve the right to assert my loyalty to my flag, my country, and my government.

While simultaneously reserving the right to protest the bullshit occupant of the White House as an incompetent narcissist moron.

Because this is still America, even post-Obama. Right?

Suck it, conservatives. You've been asking for this since 2008.

Man/woman up and advocate for America. Not for billionaires in #MAGA trucker caps. Not for our most cynical political operatives.

Let's try to be grown-up Americans for once, OK?

Like or comment if you agree.

Even if you don't, this is my truth. And I'm willing to post it here.


  1. I can hardly keep up with when it's a patriotic sacrament to insult the President and when it amounts to treason.

  2. I'll just paraphrase a cartoon that was going around a few years ago: after going through several positive aspects of Obamacare a conservative is finally asked, "Well what is it about it that you don't like?" and he replies, "It was passed by Obama."
    That's the person I don't want to be. If Trump does something I think is genuinely good for the country I want to admit it and be glad.
    Of course I was critical of Obama too. No president, no elected official, deserves a free pass.
    And that's especially true when the elected official in question is an incompetent narcissist moron.


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