Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy April 15th Day, You Know?

April the giraffe finally had her baby today.

So adorable.
Precocious Daughter and I took a break from obsessing over Hamilton to watch the Blu-Ray of Jesus Christ Superstar. Because Easter is tomorrow, you guys.

I attempted to replace my five-year-old smartphone, but my local T-Mobile store didn't have my desired phone in stock, so I guess I'll order it online.

It's April 15, and my taxes are filed.

I've written a poem every day this month. (You can read them here if you want. Not required, though, honestly.)

It's been a pretty good day, is what I'm saying.

And, you know, Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

Let me know what's good in your life.



  1. Some good, good things. My hockey team has won two play-off games in consecutive shut outs. Great weather, great health... plans to have dinner with my husband and work husband tomorrow. And a few other tricks up my sleeve.

  2. I am not someone for whom the Resurrection holds meaning or even sense. But I like holidays a lot. Any excuse to break routine, take some time off, and spend time with loved ones is great.

    So Happy Easter, everybody!


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