Saturday, June 11, 2016

Apparently Doctor Who Is a Reality Show Now

You may have seen Daniel Radcliffe's recent appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," in which he admitted he looks a lot of women in old photos.

And while there's no denying the resemblance, it turns out Mr. Radcliffe isn't the only attractive British actor with a historical doppelganger.

Because I recently unearthed this photo of a battle-weary Soviet soldier from World War II:

Do you see it?

Do you see it?

How about now?

Between Daniel Radcliffe, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Doctor Who, it seems the Brits know something about time travel that they're not sharing with the rest of world.

Next you'll be telling me that Marcus Mumford is a dead ringer for Charlie Chaplin.

I am utterly convinced the TARDIS is a real thing right now.



  1. I recently discovered that I look exactly like the Kushana king Kanishka, circa 200 BCE. Of course, you'll have to take it on trust since no statue of Kanishja exists which still retains its head.

  2. I had a neighbor who looked EXACTLY like John Dillinger. It was bizarre. I love shit like this.

  3. I wish my doppelganger was a REAL Princess...

  4. A few years ago The Times (of London, since they lay claim to being the original Times) published some newly discovered footage of Victorian London. A friend swore he spotted me--albeit with a big bushy mustache--in the film. My doppelganger not only looked like me but, he said, acted like me.

    I thought the mustache would be enough disguise but apparently not.


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