Monday, April 11, 2016

Pimping for Toofer

So, you guys, here's what happened today.

I mean, lots of stuff happened today. I waded through a million emails that accumulated at work because I took one lousy Friday off. I tried and failed to visit with my big sis (schedules are complicated, right?). I bought groceries. It was just a day full o' fun.

But this also happened on my Twitter account.

Who is Keith Powell? If you are a hug fan of the late, great "30 Rock," then all I have to say is: Toofer.

I could also say "Shut up, Lutz," and you would just know.
Anyway, Keith Powell is a talented actor and comedian who played James "Toofer" Spurlock in one of my all-time favorite sitcoms. And totally and completely out of the blue, he followed me on Twitter today.

And then this happened.

And then THIS happened.

Yeah, Toofer not only followed me, but also liked my Tweeted reaction to his follow.

Whoooo! Right?

OK, well then, a while later I received this not-at-all-a-robo-message in my DMs.

So basically, Keith Powell (or his social media intern) is following random semi-humorous bloggers with Twitter accounts in order to drum up buzz for his new web show. The idea is that some random obscure easily-starstruck dweeby blogger in Texas will be so blown away at being followed by a CELEBERTY that she will totally spread the word about the new series "Keith Broke His Leg" at

Which, as you can see, is spot-on strategy on his part.

Look, in the game of pseudo-viral marketing, I am the ideal mark. I'm insecure, desperate for attention, and utterly mad about the concept of celebrity. So if an actor who played a secondary character in a cult TV show wants to trade his acknowledgement of my existence for a plug on a little-read blog, I'm in. Watch "Keith Broke His Leg" at, you guys. I totally will, when I have a moment.

Remember, I received no compensation for this promotion, apart from the shallow thrill of being followed by a reasonably famous actor. Which is more than enough for me. That follow, plus 40 hours a week of hard work at an office job, totally pays the rent and buys, like, milk and shit.

Watch "Keith Broke His Leg" at

Love you, Toofer.

*drops mic*

*on foot*

*curses colorfully*


  1. I just can't deal with this right now. I'm so flipping jealous! I LOVE him, and am going to check out "Kieth Broke His Leg" on as soon as I'm done watching "Zombeavers."

    I've been so busy with work and life lately that I haven't been reading as much (let alone writing much/any of my own) awesomeness lately, but every time I click here, I'm glad that I did. This was great! <3

  2. I am happy to say I have no idea who he is, what this series might be, or even what a television is.

  3. With some people this kind of attention seeking might seem pathetic, but Toofer was too often relegated to what in the industry they call "deep background". If he'd follow me on Twitter I'd react in exactly the same way.
    Now I'm going to watch "Keith Broke His Leg" as soon as I can, but first prime myself by watching the 30 Rock episode where Tracy rides in the Cash Cab.


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