Saturday, April 9, 2016

Awesome Day, Birthday Edition

Snapshot of my birthday:

I slept in, and got up around 9:30 when I heard Precocious Daughter moving about.

PDaughter made me coffee.  Damn, she makes good coffee. I wish I could talk her into making my coffee every weekend.

I had a lovely conversation with my parents. My crappy cell phone only cut us off twice. I really need a new phone, yo.

PDaughter and I made brunch together.

I colored my hair. Honestly, I wanted to make it lavender, but I asked PDaughter how she felt about that, and she wasn't comfortable with it. So instead I went with a very pretty (and gray-free) shade of blonde, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I would have rocked this. But I still rock Golden Blonde 8.0.

We went shopping! We took advantage of a "Buy Three Get Three" sale at Bath & Body Works, and I also bought a secret surprise gift for Drummer Boy (shhhhh...). I'm addicted to A Thousand Wishes, you guys. Just saying.

We went to Ross. PDaughter got two tops and an extremely cute pair of jeans. I bought a piece of decor for the apartment that I simply love, except for the fact that the Siamese Kitten apparently wants to eat it.

Then we picked up linner at KFC - Famous Bowls, which we collectively cannot exist without.

Judge if you like, this shit is delicious.

And now? We're chilling. We're happy. I love my low-stress, low-pressure birthday. And I'm in total awe at the number of friends who have given me love on Facebook. Thank you, my friends.

It's been an awesome day.


  1. I'm so glad you had a great birthday. If anyone deserved it, you certainly do. Here's to many more!

  2. Sounds perfect! (You would rock the lavender hair!)

  3. Sounds perfect! (You would rock the lavender hair!)

  4. Happy, happy birthday!

  5. I'm glad you had the perfect day and that you spread the gospel of KFC Famous Bowls.

    Now please get some lavender hair.


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