Friday, April 3, 2015

Off the Clock

As of four o'clock this afternoon, I am on vacation.

To answer the question that many, many people have asked:


Not here.
I could go somewhere, but the funds I would use are earmarked for other things. Things I'm going to start taking care of this week.

Important things.

So I'm taking a time vacation instead of a place vacation. As in, time away from work. Time to get things done. Time to be both productive and relaxed.

Which sounds beautiful to me.
Tomorrow I start meeting with contractors, who are going to help me stretch my pod of money that is earmarked to get my house ready to sell.

(That is a whole 'nother post in itself. Wait for it.)

Monday I take Benedict Cumberhatch for his very first service interval. I've promised myself to take very good care of this car, and that means actually getting the recommended services on schedule. 

Tuesday I go to the optometrist. It's been, almost to the day, four years since I last had my eyes checked. I'm dismayed and disgusted to report that my middle-age eyesight is continuing to deteriorate. On the other hand, I get to pick new frames! Yay!

Tuesday is also haircut day. I've been growing it out, which is something I do periodically until I remember that wanting to have long, thick hair doesn't make it so. I may give my baby-fine locks one more cycle to grow out before giving up and getting it chopped short (which will coincide with the heat of summer, which is what I do every year).

Aside: Precocious Daughter has So. Much. Hair. She wears it super-short - way shorter than what I consider  a short 'do - but there's still so much of it. She got her hair cut a few days ago. Even though she didn't have more than a half-inch or so removed, it still amounted to a soft, fluffy cloud approximately the size of Cousin Itt on the floor of the salon.

Minus the hat.
Aside #2: My future ex informed me that my hair doesn't look good long. There was a time I would have taken that into consideration. Yeah.

Right now I don't have anything scheduled past Tuesday, but there's probably going to be a fair bit of DIY, some gardening, maybe additional contractors. Probably some crap TV binge-watching. A hike in the woods, if the weather cooperates. Working on my social media presence.

Writing, duh. Hours and hours of writing.

I'll also be very busy not checking my work email. 



  1. Sounds like pretty much every vacation I take...enjoy!

  2. I hope you'll be dropping in here occasionally, but if not enjoy your vacation even more. And enjoy that walk in the woods (weather please be kind).


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