Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pizza, Politics, and Poofdahs

By now, we've all heard ad nauseam about the pizza-parlor owners in Indiana who say they'll use the state's new "God says it's OK to be bigots" law to deny service to gay people.

The Bible clearly states that pizza is for the righteous only.
Right? It says that?
And we've all heard the jokes in response.

And been appalled at the response by asshole trolls pretending to be progressive.

AND seen the left take a swing at the right for taking a swing at the left for taking a swing at the right.

What's left?

Just this.

Good pizza is really, really important to me. I will purchase good food from ignorant people if need be. (See: my continued patronage of Chik-fil-A.)

Thoughts, beliefs, and convictions are ultimately flimsy and cheap.

I love a good many people who hold opinions very different from my own.

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue and hold my breath in order to associate with them, but I do it willingly because I judge people by their actions, not their words.

If Memories Pizza ever actually turns away a gay customer, then they will have my enmity, and for good reason.

But if all they're doing is saying how they might act in a situation they might encounter - but haven't - then I declare their beliefs not worth my time.

There is more than enough actual evil in the world without well-meaning people fabricating evil where in reality there exists only questionable intelligence.

Threats and insults and downright meanness...they're unattractive at any point on the sociopolitical spectrum, people.

The Indiana RFRA is a stupid and pointless law.

Let's not make it important by martyring those who support it.

BTW: In the North Dallas area, Angelo & Vito's and Rotolo's serve up the best pizza ever. Oh, and Carmine's on Spring Valley.



  1. I'm sorry to differ on this point, but I have no great liking for pizza. It's been about...ten months...since I last had any and that was my assistants' birthday (they both have the same birthday). So it was a joint treat for all of us, and the pizza was more for them (they both love it) than for me.

    Actually, the last time I had pizza that I wanted to was with the lady who dumped me, and even the mention of pizza reminds me of her.

  2. I have to give some credit to the pizza parlor owners: they're coming out and admitting they won't serve gay people. Yes, I do support public accommodation laws that say that businesses should serve everyone equally, because we've tried the alternative and it didn't work so well. But if business owners are going to take a stand I appreciate that they're up-front about it. They're not like, say a cake baker who declares "I don't serve homosexuals" when a gay couple orders a cake for a wedding but has never questioned the sexual orientation of customers who just wanted a dozen cookies.

    Hey, if a cake is "protected speech" isn't an oatmeal cookie?


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