Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is This Available Through Heifer International?

This appeared on Twitter:

Escape. Goat.


I can haz one of these?

Away, brave Concorde!
Oh gosh, I need an Escape Goat.

Work is getting stressful?

Escape Goat!
Money's tight?

Escape Goat!
Just want to get away?

Escape Goat!
You can borrow him if you want. Or get your own. Everyone needs an Escape Goat.

This one is escaping back to the mother ship.
Gotta go. Escape, Goat!


  1. As long as I have an escargot, I can throw up when I want.

  2. I don't want an Escape Goat. I want a bunch of those fainting goats. I'd put on my Scream mask and run out in the yard every ten minutes yelling "Booblblblblyly!" just to watch them all fall over.

    Okay, I admit that would get old pretty quick, and I'd feel bad about doing that to the goats. I'd put an Escape Goat in there to give them a way out.


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