Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Graphic Violence

Gotcha. Today's post is random, and it's graphic, but there's no violence, sorry. Just wanted to grab your attention.

Here are some random graphics I made, hold the violence.

First, I updated my calzone awareness ribbon:

Because I think leftover calzones are important. And delicious.

Next, I awkwardly 'shopped Paul Ryan's head on an old photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I want everybody to start calling him the Ryanator. Do it. Do it now. You'll feel better.

Then, I found this picture of an adorable baby monkey that required no alteration whatsoever:

Because adorable baby monkey, duh.

But then I got to feeling bad about the Ryanator thing and decided I should give Joe Biden equal time. So I put his face on an old picture of Liberace:

And I totally felt better.

Oh, and then I thought I'd post a picture of Riley the Dachshund, since his mom now owns this blog.

She's probably going to want a royalty for that, to which I say: I own a chainsaw.

And finally, just because it's funny, this:

I guess there's your violence.

P.S. I don't own a chainsaw. Are you kidding? They don't even let me handle the sharp knives at home. Ever try to cut a calzone with a butter knife? It's not pretty.

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