Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Even More Shatner - Deal with It

Continuing our all-day William Shatner birthdayfestoflove, here are pictures from Bill's (I call him Bill, as all his dear friends do, as well as George Takei) 1960s spectacular coming out.  Coming out, like the way a debutante comes out, not the way George Takei did.  OK, then.

That's a cigarette, right? Although I'll bet Shatner
was down with the weed in his day.

Method acting with formidable moobage on display.

Will you cast me as Captain Kirk if I show you my big gun?

The smolder, the smirk, AND the off-camera gaze.
Clearly a pinnacle had been achieved.

Seen here with a few of his favorite toupees.

Just remember, if you try to upstage me, Imma choke you, bitch.
Next:  a discussion of industrial determinism vs. expressionistic nihilism.  Or more Shatner photos.  I haven't decided yet.

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