Saturday, February 27, 2021

Warning: Puns at Maturity Are Fully Groan

 Today I have for you a joke. A bad joke! An illustrated joke! A badly illustrated bad joke!

If you don't LOL, I hope you'll at least groan.


One day three dinosaur friends were running and playing together on the grassy plains.

One of them spotted a shiny object off in the distance and went to investigate (dinosaurs like shiny objects).

It was a magic lamp!

They rubbed the lamp - which was not an easy feat with their short dinosaur arms, but they managed - and a genie appeared.

The genie said, "I have three wishes to grant, so I'll give one to each of you." The dinosaurs thought this was fair, having little knowledge of the legal concept of possession.

The first dinosaur thought hard. "All right," he said, "I wish for a big, juicy piece of meat."

Instantly there appeared before him the biggest, juiciest piece of meat they had seen in many a day.

Not to be outdone by his friend, the second dinosaur thought even harder. "I know!" he cried. "I wish for a shower of meat!"

All at once, large chunks of meat began to rain down around him, courtesy of the genie's powers.

The third dinosaur was amazed and astonished, and not a little jealous of his friends. Determined, he thought as hard as his little walnut brain could think. 

At last a smile of triumph split his toothy face. "I've got it!" he crowed.

"I wish for...a MEATIER shower!"


Please enjoy your day.

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