Friday, September 30, 2016

All's Fair

The State Fair of Texas opened today.

If you don't live in Texas, that probably doesn't mean a whole lot to you.

I don't know if that color even occurs in the skies of other states.

I've made no secret of that fact that, although I've lived in Texas since 1982, I don't really feel like a Texan. No offense to my adopted home state - Texas is where I graduated from high school, and college, and gave birth to my Precocious Daughter - but I think I'll always be a transplant from Wisconsin rather than a Texan.

Yet every year around this time, I go absolutely apeshit for the State Fair of Texas. I am so thrilled and stoked and proud that THE greatest state fair in this old US of A takes place in Dallas, Texas, just a 30-minute drive from my home.

The first time I ever went to the State Fair of Texas was in 1988, with my future spouse. We created so many traditions related to the Fair - the car show, the aquarium, the Hall of State, the goddamn Fletcher's Corny Dog stand. Except for two years when we moved back to my hometown, we went to the State Fair of Texas every year. Even when I was seven months pregnant. Even when we had a little Precocious Toddler. Even when we were estranged and planning on getting divorced. Yeah.

But still.
Last year, PDaughter went to the Fair with her dad, and I missed it altogether. That made me sad. But, you know, when you get divorced fucking EVERYTHING makes you sad. Don't get divorced if you can help it, Drunkards. Even if it means never getting married, never get divorced.

But I digress.

This year, for the first time ever, Drummer Boy and I will attend the State Fair of Texas together.

I can't wait.

I'm scared to death.

I'm stoked to watch the pig races, and stroll the midway, and eat all the junk food with the one I love.

But it will be different.

It will be new.

Not that new is bad, but new And at a certain stage in life, new is something you've blessedly put behind you.

Until it rears its head in front of you.

I'm excited. I love the State Fair of Texas. I love Drummer Boy. In the next couple of weeks, I will create a whole new set of memories encompassing them together.

I might cry later.

As sometimes one cries for what was and will never be again.

But I can't wait to hold my love's hand and explore Fair Park with him for the first time.

I'm pretty sure I can do this. Right?

I'll let you know.


  1. New memories will replace the old ones -- if you let them :-) Have fun!

  2. It's now over--alas, such is my weekend schedule that I'm usually late catching up on the important stuff--but I hope it was fun.
    Especially the aquarium.
    I'm just in awe of a state fair that has an aquarium.


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