Thursday, July 7, 2016

Love for the Innocent, F**k You for the Rest

Hey there, Drunkards.

If you haven't heard, over the last couple of days 'Murica has seen two high-profile murders by white police officers of black men who were compliant, non-aggressive, and committing no crimes.

Alton Sterling.

Philando Castile.

I posted this on the Always Drunk Facebook page, because I'm shocked, grief-stricken, and super-pissed at these events:

In case anyone reading this may be inclined to sympathize with the items on this bingo card and/or the law enforcement personnel involved in these murders, allow me to annotate the above graphic as follows.

"Shouldn't have resisted;" Neither resisted, both calmly complied with officers' orders, were shot nevertheless.

"If we didn't kill black men indiscriminately 'criminals' would take over:" Objectively racist, shut the fuck up.

"More black babies killed by abortion than by the police:" So there's a quota, and the police are trying to even the score? You are an imbecile.

"This video has been edited;" I've seen multiple unedited videos of each murder. You could see the same, if you weren't determined to justify the actions of murderers.

"Nobody talks about Black-on-Black crime:" Actually, lots of people talk about it. And if you believe a single black-on-black murder justifies any white-cop-on-black murder, you are a racist motherfucking asshole. Really.

"If he was guilty, why did he run?" Neither Alton nor Phil ran, you dickhead.

"Democrats are the real racists." I saw no one in these videos claiming allegiance to any political party. You're wrong, you're illogical, and you're frankly an asshole.

"Blue lives matter." SO GLAD to turn this around: ALL LIVES MATTER.  Deal with it.

"We shouldn't rush to judgment." I don't really believe it's a rush any more. How many years/decades constitute a rush? Just wondering.

"Black people want special treatment." Yes, fuck black people for wanting to be treated like Americans. So special.

"Thug." Or, you know, school cafeteria supervisor. Or street vendor. Or anything. Do you even know what the fuck you're talking about?

"No angel." I'm no angel. The odds of me being murdered by police during a routine traffic stop are, like, a brazillion to one. Because I'm blonde and moderately cute. THAT TOTALLY SHOULDN'T BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH, YOU MORONS.

"Obama is president what else do you want?" Um, I want people to not use the personal success of one black man to justify the continued institutional oppression of millions of others. I understand this is highly unlikely, but I'm just answering the question.

"He had a history of misdemeanors." Yeah, just like lots of other people I know who happen to be white and are therefore given a pass. Since when does America dictate your future according to your past, you judgmental assholes?

"Being a police officer is dangerous." It totally fucking is. That's why we should support all officers who risk their lives while respecting the law and protecting all citizens equally. And why we should vigorously prosecute those who don't.

"But black people commit all the crimes." Please delete your online identities. You are an idiot.

"Black lives don't seem to matter the rest of the time." Congratulations, I can't respond to this because I don't know what the hell you're talking about. If you want to explain this gibberish,  feel free to contact me.

"'Personal responsibility.'" Right on. Like not pulling a legally carried gun on a police officer. Like being a police officer and not murdering someone who is legally carrying a gun and happens to be black, YOU DICKS.

"What about Chicago?" Chicago has a terrible problem with violence and gangs. It should be addressed. AND SKIN COLOR IS IRRELEVANT, YOU PRICKS.

"Racist against white people." Fuck you. Sincerely.

"Let's wait for the investigation." Agreed. But when it concludes yet again that the white cops were justified in murdering the innocent black person, let's protest the shit out of that nonsense.

"This was an isolated incident." Assuming you just time-traveled here from an unpopulated island in the 16th century, OK.

"I don't see the big deal." I wish I were white, wealthy, and privilged like you. Fer real.

"Protestors [sic] are the real criminals." Yes. Yes. As George Washington famously said, "Lock those bitches up, don't they know the GW has spoken?"

OMG, you guys.

Please help me defend what I love about America against the utter bullshit I hate about America.



  1. "If we didn't kill black men indiscriminately 'criminals' would take over:"

    Someone actually said this?

    This reminds me of all the comment fora crap I read about how we brown people allegedly massacre each other and have been doing so for 1500 years, so Obama's drones and Bush's invasions are really no big deal.

  2. I think you have explained a lot of the crazy stuff that people post online, and not only about this topic. That have traveled here from an unpopulated island in the 16th century!!!

  3. What stands out for me is how many of these statements are deliberate distractions.
    Whenever racists try to change the subject I know the situation has really hit a nerve.


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