Friday, July 8, 2016

Lives Matter, Black/Blue/All Edition

So yesterday, I posted about the utter loathesomeness of people who justify or explain away the murder of innocent black Americans by police officers.

Not long after my post, an African-American man ambushed police officers overseeing a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas.

Five officers are dead. The greatest single-incident loss of police lives since 9/11.

Let that sink in.

He (not going to give his name, since he's a dead piece of shit) took up a sniper position during his attack. Because this is Dallas, and apparently sniper position is the way to take out authority figures.

Just saying.
Do I stand with the Dallas Police Department?

Of course I do.

Do I believe (as some of you have suggested) that I'm a hypocrite for supporting police just hours after I damned bad cops in a blog post?

Because being anti-corruption and anti-LEO are two completely different things.

Because being sympathetic to African-Americans who are unfairly targeted by cops and being sympathetic to cops who sacrifice everything in the name of duty are two completely different things.

Because respecting officers despite their bad apples and respecting humans of all races despite their bad apples are totally not mutually exclusive things.

We're all people, people.

Five people lost their lives in Dallas because they wore a badge.

One person was blown up by a robot because he was a murderer.

Tomorrow, I hope no one will commit a violent crime, or be a victim of one, or be unjustly accused of one.

But I'm afraid I know better.

And I will continue to mourn the dead and support the lawful - no matter who - because any day, it could be someone I love, on either side.

That's America today.

My sincerest condolences to the families of the dead, killer and killed alike.

May we all know peace.


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