Monday, May 30, 2016

Bean Update #3

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

It's been perfect bean-growing weather here in Baudelairistan. Meaning, lots of sun, lots of rain, and no pesky bean-chomping insects venturing up to the fourth floor to dine upon my sproutlings.

As a result, my five bean plants are growing like weeds, only better, because they're BEANS.

Five days ago in this very space, I posted this picture:

Here's what they look like right now:

Five days, people. We had several rounds of showers/storms yesterday, and I almost brought my pot o' garden inside because after the first few dousings, my beanie-babies were looking a bit waterlogged. I decided to leave them to the elements, because after all, if they were farm-raised beans they'd totally have to put up with whatever Mother Nature dished out, right?

Turned out to be a good call. As you can see, they've roughly doubled in size since last Wednesday. In fact, when I come around the corner of my apartment building, I can now see their little leafy heads poking up over the top of their container. In my world, that's almost as good as a friendly face greeting you when you get home.

Nothing beats a happy Bean.
I'll have another update in five days. BTW, beans take roughly two months to bear, uh, fruit(?), so do the math. You'll be seeing these updates well into summer, unless my typical gardening skills take over and I kill them before then. Plan your life accordingly.

Finally, war is hell and imperialism is stupid, but human lives are precious, and I salute the service members who gave theirs in the line of duty. May we always remember that your sacrifice is nobler than the conflict that claimed you.


  1. Here's hoping your bean plants don't join the ranks of the fallen. I look forward to your first bean-related recipe.

  2. Your Grandma must have had some bean recipes.
    I usually go overboard with plants, and then when I can't keep up, they wither and die. So this year I planted one tomato, one zucchini, and some basil. I will have one good Italian meal and that will still be better than last year....


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