Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another Freaking Bean Post

I'm a little proud of my bean plants, OK?

So assuming they don't experience a drastic change in their fortunes, you can expect me to keep posting about them until they day finally grow enough goddamn beans for me and Precocious Daughter to eat.

Get used to it. I'm sorry. Thank you.
You may have heard that over the past few weeks, North Texas has gotten just a wee bit of rain. Think ark-building and you're getting close. In fact, my own little Dallas suburb experienced quite a bit of flooding. Everyone is fine and drying out now.

But it turns out beans like rain. The only thing they seem to like better than periods of heavy rain is alternating periods of hot, sunny weather. Also, reggae music, although the scientific basis of that may be slightly shaky.

Googling "reggae green bean" returns
a lot of results, but none
this delightfully cheesy.
Guys, what I'm trying to say is that my beans are coming up a corker. Here they are five days ago:

Here they are today:

I've totally stopped counting the new leaves, because it's starting to be too much like math.

They say it takes 65 days for bean plants to bear, um, fruit? Legumes? Whatever. I'm a third of the way there.

I promise I will write about other things besides beans over the next six weeks.

But I'll definitely be writing about beans.


  1. Don't worry 'bout a bean
    Cause every little bean gonna be all right.

    That's just my contribution of a little reggae to help the beans along, although I wish I had the technical skills to make the human bean pictured above sing it.

  2. I'm in South Carolina and I am eating my first beans of the season today and I want someone else to be happy about it, dammit! You may be that person :)


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