Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'll Pay

I've tried, Drunkards.

I've tried to take the high road.

And I'm not even Irish.
I've bent over backwards to shoulder the blame, the responsibility, and the consequences of splitting from my almost-ex. I wanted the split, I initiated it, I've requested not a dime of child support or any other compensation. I just want out.

Even when he insisted we file our taxes jointly one last time, I said OK. After all, married couples are taxed at a lower rate than anyone else. I mean, apart from corporations.

Hello, America, how are you?
To make a very long story short, my almost-ex has informed me that he prefers that we both file our taxes as "married filing separately" for 2015.

It will increase my share of the tax burden.

It will increase his share of the tax burden.

It will increase his considerably more.

But obviously, someone has convinced him I'm a terrible bitch trying to screw him, and he should "stick it to me" by demanding we file separately.

Yep, it totally will increase the taxes I have to pay for 2015.

As well as his. By a lot.

Is it worth a couple of hundred bucks to be free of yet another shared duty/obligation with him?

Oh hell yes.

Just sayin.

Bring it. Bring whatever you've got. I'll take it and more, because very shortly I'll be legally single. I'll be 100% free of any moral, financial, or legal responsibility for you.

And if you can't provide such stability, I can tell you fuck off and not let you spend time with our daughter.

Just, you know, if that's how you want to play it.

I'll take a financial bath on taxes this year.

Way sexier than this, bitches.

And I'll be happy forever. Your move.

Let the record show I was the nice guy for as long as possible.

If I'm a heartless bitch, I trust you guys will let me know in the comments.


  1. Totally worth the cash paid out.

  2. Totally worth the cash paid out.

  3. You're still taking the high road--and you'll still be in Scotland before he. Er, him.
    And I assume you're not Scottish either, but I've heard Loch Lomond is beautiful at this time of year.

  4. Let him dangle. Yeah, it sucks for you, but it'll suck for him more.

  5. You need to drop the "almost" from "almost-ex," as soon as legally possible.

  6. You need to drop the "almost" from "almost-ex," as soon as legally possible.

  7. Every time I think I've learned this lesson, life punches me in the head with it yet again. The only thing in this goddamn world I have any control over is how I choose to act. Or react. So, sweetie, you be you. Do what makes you able to sleep with yourself and wake up with yourself (cuz that sumbitch doesn't get to anymore!). You are so much better than his petty bullshit. And PDaughter will know, if not today, then soon, who the bigger person is. Many of us have been where you are, and I root for you.

  8. You have been *more* than patient. The hell with him.


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