Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Night Truth

Let's play a game, Drunkards.

Comment here or on my Facebook page with the answers to these questions. Tag other people whose answers you want to see. If enough of you respond, I'll post my own responses tomorrow.


Let's play.

I love: __________

I hate: __________

I want: __________

I need: __________

I wish: __________

I don't give a fuck: __________



  1. 1. Dogs.
    2. Imperialism.
    3. Peace of mind.
    4. Love and affection.
    5. For the delicate sensibilities of people who would rather shut their eyes to the truth.

  2. 1. Guys with muscular legs. Right now, rugby players are perfection.
    2. Condiments. Pickles and lettuce are cool, though, but none of that ketchup-mustard-mayo crap. You suck, too, salad dressings.
    3. My kid to finally be happy with who she is, be it boy, girl, whatever.
    4. A lot of attention, apparently, and that's weird to admit.
    5. For Bear and Habibi to be a matching pair.
    6. About politics or people with religious motives.

  3. 1. To make people laugh.
    2. Coming to the party late.
    3. So many things.
    4. Time.
    5. I don't care enough to think about any of the things I don't give a fuck about.


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