Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Requiem for #Tarpman

If you've been following the saga of the fucking idiots patriots who have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon since January 2nd, you're probably familiar with the name LaVoy Finicum. Aka "#Tarpman." Aka "Guy Whose 11 Foster Children Who Acted As An Unpaid Labor Force to Support His Unprofitable Cattle Ranch in Arizona Were Taken Away from Him After He Abandoned Them to Play Vigilante."

Yeah, he's dead now.

And Ammon "Daddy Issues" Bundy and Jon "Incredibly Creepy Doll-Face Manchild" Ritzheimer and others are in federal custody. And although it may be too late for the Native American artifacts they desecrated while committing grand theft auto, trespassing, and vandalism, it seems the so-called Oregon Militia's siege of federal property may finally sputter to a limping end soon.

Apparently local, state, and federal law enforcement officials got together and decided that armed, belligerent protesters blatantly breaking multiples of laws should be dealt with, even if they are white Republicans.

Apparently those guys aren't above the law, once they flee a traffic stop and then charge at officers after running their stolen truck aground on a snowbank.

It's not enough that they illegally occupied government-owned property, seized government-owned vehicles and computers, and armed individuals whose felony status makes them ineligible to play Davy Crockett except with an enormous beer gut. It's not enough that the father and son they supposedly were defending asked them to leave, or that the Native Americans to whom the land belongs asked them to leave, or that a majority of the American citizens in the area around the wildlife refuge asked them to leave.

Because democracy is so much more than doing what the majority decides, you guys.

Anyway, looooooooooong story short, one asshole got himself shot to death, and the chief monkeys in the Oregon militia circus are now in custody. A few of the remaining vandals have vowed to keep up the fight. But I'm guessing that without Tarpman and Daddy's Boy and BigEyes SmallDick to lead them, they'll give up pretty quick. Especially once they run out of dildos.

Dildos being super-important to freedom.

Locking up these seditionist rednecks will not do a single thing to bring back the scores of innocent people killed by law enforcement in the last couple of years. But maybe, just maybe, it will provide a nugget of evidence that there is but a single system of laws in this country, and it doesn't favor white criminals over people of color who are minding their business.

To the family of LaVoy Finicum: I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry that the person you're mourning was a deluded fucking idiot. That must be an extra burden at this difficult time.

Yo, Oregon: Do the right thing. Clear out this nest of scum and make your state safe.

God bless this thing we call America.

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