Monday, November 16, 2015

Pictures of Animals. Yeah.

I owe you guys a post.

But I'm sort of in a BAD FREAKING PLACE tonight.

So instead of anything substantive, here are my favorite adorable pictures of animals.

Here is an owl riding a skateboard.

Here is a guinea pig (you guys know I love guinea pigs) wearing a SOMBRERO.

Here is a lil meerkat who just likes yellow flowers, OK?

Here is a sloth. In a bowl. I don't know what more you want.

Oh, and case you think I only feature mammals?

Here is a gorgeous green anaconda, y'all.

And a lizard who really doesn't give a crap what you think, because he knows he's all that

AND a goddamn caterpillar who wants you to know your problems don't affect her.

Being green. Easier than you think.
Life is pretty good. except the parts that are SHIIIIIT. But I can deal with those.

Enjoy the animals. I 'll be back tomorrow with angst and problems and shit.

Squee beats shitfuckcrap any day, right?



  1. So... yeah. I'll take the animals over shitfuckcrap any day. This wouldn't be house sale related, now would it?

  2. Definitely a Monday today. Could have used some squee earlier in the day. Tomorrow will be better. Or we'll find some more squee....

  3. Dream on
    When you're feeling down
    Look in the mirror and put on your head a crown
    And dream on.

  4. I hope the guinea pig in a sombrero makes you as happy as it makes me. And if it helps at all here are some drunk animals.


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