Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tonight It's Pretty Much About Donald Trump's Hair

Drunkards, all I'm doing tonight is putting Donald Trump's hair on pictures of other things.

You know, like a squirrel.

My nuts are yuuuuuge.
And a dachshund.

I'm very, very attractive.
I might perhaps date me.
And a manatee.

How does it stay dry?

Of course, why should I stop at animals? Perhaps I could improve great works of art by applying Trump hair.

The Old Guitarist with Great Hair.
This is working, right?

OMG, my hair!!!
Or I could put the Donald's hair on fictional characters, such as the Third Doctor (my favorite after David Tennant).

Or this dude.

I'd worship that.
Maybe I should just stick to real people. Like Terry Crews.

Use Old Spice or my hair will find you and kill you!
Or formerly relevant singer Sinead O'Connor.

Nothing compares 2 this hair.
Or this guy. I'd love to see them show up at some event with the same coif.

This is oddly appealing.
As I said, this is all I'm doing tonight. I'll take requests if you've got them. Maybe tomorrow will be Vegetables with Trump Hair.

The possibilities are endless.


  1. Jihadi Colin with The Donald's hair. Pretty please.

    1. Putin with Trump's hair looks like an older Assange.

  2. You haven't done Rick Perry yet? Or is he so totally irrelevant at this point that it's not worth doing?

  3. I was going to suggest dildos but then I realized Trump's hair is already on a giant dildo. So instead I'll share this story: I was getting my hair cut and a woman a few chairs down was talking about her support for Trump. She then complained about being kicked out of a Cracker Barrel for making racist remarks.

    That's saying something when you're too racist for Cracker Barrel.

  4. In honor of the latest star wars movie, i think it's only fitting that you put trump hair on R2D2, C3PO, Admiral Akbar ... oh hell ... the entire cast really. Who shouldn't you put trump hair on? You should try putting trump hair on trump's hair.

  5. How can you be SO RUDE about such wealthy, important, powerful style icons? Don't you have treason over there? Oh I see, he isn't really a king.


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