Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just One More, Why Not?

I'm getting pretty fucking tired of this shit, Drunkards.

All I wanted to do tonight was write a post about the awesome names you guys suggested for my Victorian cat doll. But I can't. Because yet another stupid dickless angry young asshole has opened fire on innocent people and slaughtered multiple humans because he thought it was a good idea and HEY, look how easy it is to acquire multiple firearms!

And of course he went down in a hail of bullets and won't have to face the families of his victims. I wish Hell actually existed, so I could take comfort in thoughts of his scrotum being burned away for all eternity. Instead, he gets a free pass to the void while the grieving families of those he murdered will suffer from their losses for the rest of their lives.

All because a small percentage of Constitutionally illiterate Americans and their well-funded gun lobby think we all should have the right to keep and bear weapons of mass destruction.

Which somehow were a damn good reason to go to war with Iraq, but in 'Murica are the embodiment of patriotism, along with fucking apple pie and loving yo' mama.

So the shooter's name was Chris Harper Mercer, and not to indulge in egregious stereotypes, but if he wasn't a 20-something white dude, I'll eat my own dirty panties on YouTube.

CJ Grisham, Ted Nugent, and Wayne LaPierre can all suck my dick. I hate guns. And the people who loudly and threateningly insist on their unabridged right to carry them wherever, whenever they want. Every person who advocates for universal, unregulated access to guns is a moron and a tool and should legally be considered an accessory to murder whenever something like the UCC shooting happens.

If your penis is really that miniscule, do us all a favor and put oversized tires on your pickup truck and whack off to online porn like every other under-endowed loser in the world.

You want to hunt? You want to carry for self-defense? You just think guns are peachy keen and make your sex organ appear more impressive? Fine. Apply for a license, submit to a background check, acquire liability insurance. Then own the fuck out of that gun.

But walking into a Walmart or a pawn shop and shelling out cash for a deadly weapon with absolutely no reconciliation between your past behavior and your future likelihood of violence courtesy of your shiny new gun?

That's not America. That's fucking Crazy States of Blastmeawayistan.

Some of us would appreciate a culture of life in this country.

Along with liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we think that's pretty goddamn important.

Fuck you and your guns.


Victorian cats, man. That's really all I wanted to write about tonight.

Not this shit.



  1. Until this time next week, when it happens all over again.

    And the next week...

  2. This morning on the way to work this was being discussed on the radio and they played a clip of a police spokesperson saying he wouldn't name the shooter because he didn't want to give the shooter any credit. He didn't want to contribute to the shooter's fame or notoriety.

    I always struggle with something similar. I want to offer comfort to the victims and I want to address the easy access to guns and other factors that contribute to these horrors, but a part of me wants to just move on. It feels callous toward the victims, though, and while I feel like the media coverage turns the shooter into a celebrity I also feel like we need to shine a spotlight on these events.

    I keep hoping that wanting to go back to things like Victorian cats will propel me to do something positive.


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