Friday, October 2, 2015

As I Was Saying

So yeah, about names for my Victorian cat doll.

I got some really, really awesome suggestions from you guys! Thank you so much!

I've narrowed it down to two favorites.

From Christopher Waldrop: Catty Pecksniff.

From Karen McBoob: Scarlet O'Hairball

How to choose?

No, little taco commercial girl.
There can be only one.
Oh, by the way, in response to Karen McBoob's question about whether she might be wearing boots (a la Puss in...): Believe it or not, I had never actually looked under her skirt. But you inspired me.

Turns out she's got bloomers and kitty toes!!!

Pictured: Bloomers and kitty toes!!!



Although I totally appreciate the Victorian whimsy of Catty Pecksniff, my abiding love of terrible puns compels me to choose Scarlet O'Hairball as the winning name.

And I've decided that Ms. O'Hairball will no longer have to live in a box, but will be given a place of honor in my new apartment. 

She seems like a purrrrrfect accessory.

I hope the Siamese kitten doesn't attack her on sight.

I love you guys, did I mention that?

Because I do.


  1. Frankly, meow dear, I don't give a yarn.

    (I love that name!!!)

  2. Good call. That was a favorite of mine as well.

  3. Holy Shit... did I just win? I can't believe I just won.

    First, I'd like to thank the Academy...

    (Oh wait... was I supposed to thank Jesus first?)

    First, I'd like to thank Jesus, who took time out of his busy day of dealing with war, famine and pestilence to make sure that my prayers to win this interwebz competition were answered. (Dude, you rock!)

    Second, I'd like to thank my family... but not really. Fuck them. They didn't come up with any witty ceramic Victorian cat names so ... pfft... they can bite me.

    And finally, I'd just like to say ... I don't deserve this award. It should have gone to Christopher, who is a more deserving and a much kinder and better human being than I am, but I humbly accept this honor on behalf of all the drunkards.

    And if all you sloppy drunk bitches want to follow me to the bar, I'm buyin'.


  4. That has got to be the best acceptance speech ever. And I'm not just saying that because there's free booze involved.

  5. Late to the party, as usual. You must post a photo of Miz Scarlet (one 't'?) in her new home.

    1. One t. That's how Karen submitted it, and I thought about changing it to match the GWTW heroine. But kitty's dress is kind of scarlet, so I decided it worked. Yes, I do put that much thought into trivial details. But you do, too, so we are well met.

  6. Thank you so much. It's an honor to be a runner-up, especially since I can't read "Scarlet O'Hairball" without laughing. And I'm tickled to have convinced Karen that I'm not only kind but a human being. Suckers.

    Note to self: don't say that last part out loud.

    Congratulations Karen, and "Scarlett O'Hairball" does work as Victorian whimsy because Victoria was Queen during the US civil war, having reined from 1066 to about two weeks before "Downton Abbey" started.

    In closing since Karen is buying I'd like to offer a toast to her brilliance with that 21-year old single malt Scotch they keep in a locked bulletproof box above the bar. It's going to be an elaborate toast. Better make it a double.


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