Friday, August 28, 2015

Giving Up on My Fear

Does anyone want a fear?

I'm getting rid of mine.

I named him George. But I do not love him or squeeze him.

If you're wondering what he does, that's pretty much it. He sits there and makes dumb, hopeless faces at me.

It's not a terrible thing to have a fear hanging around, except that this one is very large. I guess it's hard to tell from the picture, so here's some perspective.

As you can see, he is approximately four Godzillas tall. So actually quite enormous. Cumbersome, even.

That's just more fear than I want to deal with. George constantly gets in my way. He keeps me from doing cool things because it's such a bother to lug him around with me. So we tend to do what the fear wants most days. Whoopee, another day of sitting around like a big sad blob.

I've heard that not all fears are as big as George, and that the smaller ones are much more manageable and even useful. Kind of like a wingman.

It seems I've been feeding my fear to excess. He's gotten way too big to be helpful. He's no good to me any more.

So George has to go.

I don't realistically think I can find a new home for him. Why would anyone want a fear this size? Especially if you already have one or more of your own. I wouldn't wish so much fear on anyone.

But you know what? I know this may sound heartless, but it's not my problem. George can take care of himself. Fears are surprisingly hardy. They thrive in adverse circumstances. If you've ever tried to control a fear, you know how strong they can be.

They'll crush you if you let them.

So long, George. You've overstayed your welcome. I'm moving, and I'm not giving you my new address.

I'm looking forward to living fearlessly for once.


  1. George is not a person you want to hang around with, so yeah, he needs to go. He's an adult now. He needs to make a living on his own.


  2. Are you sure he isn't Gloom from the Winston comic strip's elder brother?

  3. George looks like he could come from a Roger Hargreaves book. If he weren't so large he'd be charming. You're definitely better off without George, but I hope wherever he goes he starts a weight-loss program. Maybe in a few years if he's greatly reduced he can meet back up with you and do you some good.

  4. Have you tried tricking him by saying the two of you were going for a ride in the country, and then dropping him off and coming back home without him?

    Because that can work.

    I got rid of my fear of being alone that way.

    I mean, it found its way home, but it took nearly three whole weeks.


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