Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day

So recently I had renovations done on my house to get it ready for sale.

It looks great, and hopefully in the next two weeks it will be on the market.

One of the upgrades made to the house was replacing all of the doorknobs.

As a result, every door in the house now locks from the inside.

Right now, my bedroom door is locked with me inside.

Because he couldn't find his wine glasses and went on a rampage.

When he realized I hadn't actually taken them away from him, he stopped raging.

But I've still locked myself inside my bedroom.

I feel safer this way.

In just over a month I can move into my own place. He won't have a key. He won't even know which unit I'm in. If he wants to see PDaughter they can meet in a public place.

I'm looking forward to feeling safe again.

Happy Independence Day.


  1. Hopefully you have some vodka stashed in there somewhere!

    By the way -- if you feel like someone is staring at you while you're in there alone, it's just the hugs I'm sending you, so you should only be slightly creeped out by it.
    Love you, lady!

  2. I am holding my breath (intermittently, otherwise that would be stupid) until you can get out of there...

  3. I hope your real independence day comes soon. In the meantime here's a short poem by Wendy Cope that seems to fit the occasion:

    “The day he moved out was terrible –
    That evening she went through hell.
    His absence wasn’t a problem
    But the corkscrew had gone as well.”

  4. Never underestimate a good locking doorknob. Glad you're starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel...


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