Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First Through Fourth...Again

First of all, I think I'm going to have to steal an idea from The Comics Curmudgeon and institute a Comment of the Week. I just love reading comments my Drunkards leave on my posts. Seriously, I usually end up laughing or saying "D'awww" out loud every time I review them. You guys are so funny and sweet and smart. So if you think a Comment of the Week is a good idea, let me know, in a comment.

Bring your own popcorn.
Second of all, I cleaned my kitchen counters with bleach tonight. Because my spouse kindly volunteered to prepare dinner and made the most god-awful mess putting together packaged tortellini and sauce in a jar.

You think this is an exaggeration, don't you?
I literally couldn't identify some of the stains he left behind. So I sprayed bleach solution on the countertops and wiped them good and clean. They look great. And my kitchen smells AMAZING. You guys should invest in Clorox stock. When I have my own place, I am going to be the Bleach Queen.

I need this. I'll wash it in bleach, I promise.
Third of all, Precocious Daughter is watching "Friends." I just heard the greatest quote via Rachel:

"[These] are not tears of sadness, or anger, but just of me having this conversation with you."

I have had those tears. So many times. And I've had to pretend they were something else, because I could never explain just what they were. But that is what they were. Conversational tears.

Thank you, Alison LaPlaca.
Fourth of all...the contractors still haven't started work on my renovations. I'm just rolling with it, because I've seen The Money Pit. It was funny when it happened to Tom Hanks, it can be funny when it happens to me. I'll look back on all the delays and laugh. I promise.

There is no fifth. Sometimes there's only four.


  1. I come here just for the comments.


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  3. You'd think that statistically I have a better chance of riding the float here. But your friends are more clever than I. So I'm still stuck on the sidelines hoping to catch some beads...

  4. I hope there is a fifth and that you're drinking some of it. After cleaning up whatever unholy disaster was in your kitchen you've earned a drink. Just, please, not the whole fifth, because some of us like you and want you to stick around and even if you can down a whole fifth it's still dangerous. Besides if you do and something happens to you I'll feel responsible, even though when the cops question me I'll plead the Fifth.

    And please, please, please have a "Comment Of The Week". I get so giddy just being on the float over at The Comics Curmudgeon that I think if I ever manage a COTW here my head will explode and my body will burst into flames.

    In a good way.


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