Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Would You Rather?, Manners Edition.

Discussion time!

From the standpoint of simple manners, which is worse?

a) The person who never says "thank you" for courtesies shown, favors granted, or efforts expended


b) The person who routinely solicits/demands expressions of gratitude from others for every courtesy, favor, or effort.

I suppose there could be a third category for people who do both a) and b), but that would make it too easy.

Which is most irritating/least defensible?

Just wondering.


  1. You have to say thank you. It's just not proper not to. So I'm gonna say A is terrible.

    B can be pretty bad, too, but the constant solicitation can be ignored.

  2. It's definitely B. If you do something nice for someone it should be because you're a nice person, not because you expect something in return. Even if a "thank you" is a very small thing to expect in return.

  3. B is much worse. A is merely thoughtless. B is actively doing something only for the reward of gratitude.

  4. Both people are narcissistic assholes and I ain't got no time for that :-)

  5. I'm with iwonttakeit. Say please and thank you. And for the love of Mike, whatever you do, do NOT demand gratitude. That totally negates the act that deserves the gratitude.

  6. Gigi said it.


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