Monday, June 8, 2015

Feedback on Feedback

So a few days ago I showed you guys a picture of my bedroom closet.

And I asked you to identify what percentage of those outfits I've actually worn in the last two years, what's in the dresser on the left, and what my favorite color is.

And the winner is...

OK, well, first of all, nobody got all three answers right. And NOBODY got my favorite color right.

Look at this page, people. Look around the edges and at the title. What's my favorite color?

This guy knows.
It's possible I've even written about my love of purple in this very space. And if you weren't reading me back in 2011, then you now have a homework assignment. Get to ketchin' up.

So everyone blew the color question (partly because there is not a scrap of purple in that closet, which is totally not unfair on my part). The percentage question actually surprised me a little. Several people guessed zero to five percent, and I thought that was the answer myself, until I did the math. Yes, I did math for you guys. I SUFFER FOR THIS BLOG OK.

Anyway, the answer is...somewhere between 10 and 15 percent, because I couldn't remember how long it's actually been since I wore some of these. And unfortunately, I haven't worn any of the vintage pieces you can see in the picture in the last two years. None of them have fit me in at least five years. I sort of harbor the dream that I might return to the weight I was when I bought them. But then I remember that I only achieved the weight I was when I bought them as the result of a long period of extreme stress and trauma.

Hey, if you're a vintage-loving girl who wears a modern size 4-6, I may have some pieces that would interest you. Hit me up, OK?

And that just leaves the question of what's in the dresser. Two of you got it right, and I'm going to call the contest based on your answer, because you both nailed it.

The dresser is full of patterns and fabric. Mostly patterns, but also some in-progress projects that I had to pack away when my sewing room became my little home.

Allie Cat and BekS, you win!

Total victory!
Your prizes are a Chuck's Principles for Life bookmark and an item to be randomly selected from my garage. Hint: It probably won't be a car or a lawn mower.

BekS, I already have your address. Allie Cat, I need yours. Message me pronto.

Next contest: What flavor soup is sitting on my poor unused sewing machine that currently is serving as a makeshift pantry?


  1. Totally thought it was based on the pic. Chris knew it was purple...should have asked him. :)

  2. I appreciate the credit Bek, but I guess "lavender" wasn't close enough, since it's also a plant.

    Also the flavor soup is black bean. Sweet Nubian beans with several drops of Sriracha, but not so many as to ruin it, and crumbled pretzels.

    I'm disqualified because I cheated, but it was worth it for that recipe. There's a Panera a block away from where I work. If they don't have black bean soup today I swear I will punch a stop sign until it says yield.

  3. Whoa... This place is turning into Wheel of Fortune...

    What is chicken noodle soup?

    (Oh wait, that would be Jeopardy, wouldn't it?)

  4. I have no idea what flavor soup is on your sewing machine, but I do know that it still should go to poor Mr. Wilson. (Inside joke, Drunkards...Chuck gets it...)



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