Friday, April 24, 2015

In Short

Here comes a really quick post, and only because I didn't post last night.

That's because a giant fly flew into my ointment.

I'll get him out, don't you worry.
Just be kind of messy, is all.

I won't be posting tomorrow, either. I'm looking down the barrel of a 20-hour day for Precocious Daughter's state karate tournament, which this year is being held in Outer Wherethefuckisthat, Texas. On the plus side, Mr. Chuck Norris may be there! I'll let you know. Hey, speaking of that, here's last year's karate tournament post.

Anyway, I didn't want you think I'd forsaken my 12 loyal readers, so here I am.

Hello, hello.

If I have a few minutes I'll schedule a few posts to run on my Facebook page and Twitter feed tomorrow. You know, the kind of quality wit and graphical humor you've come to love and expect from the Always Drunk brand.

I couldn't keep a straight face, either.

So that's today's post. Hugs, kisses, etc.


  1. Good luck, PD! Kick some ass!

  2. Twelve loyal readers?

    I assume you posted the picture of the Beatles after that because, like John Lennon once said of that band, you are "more popular than Jesus."


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