Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Five Kind of Simple Questions

Lightning round, Drunkards.

Answer the following questions, as well as you can, as quickly as you can.

Share our answers if you can. Hint at them if you can't.

Let me set the scene: You're in your space. Your bedroom, your kitchen, your hobby room, your goddamn car, I don't know. The one space where you feel you're most representin'. That's where you are for purposes of this post.

Deal with it.

No judgment zone here.
Now, look around and answer these questions:

1. What is the one thing that is most you?

2. What is the first thing you would sell in a garage sale/eBay listing/Craigslist post?

3. What is the last thing you would sell...etc?

4. How much do you think you would make if you sold off everything you can see that you don't want to keep?

5. How would you describe the one thing you can see that you couldn't bear to part with?

Remember, no one is making you sell off anything. This is completely hypothetical...for you.

So these questions should be easy to answer.

I can't wait to hear your answers.


  1. 1. The piles and piles of yarn.
    2. The "flat screen" TV that weighs about 60 lbs that I bought The Hubster a decade ago for his birthday.
    3. Miss Lynette, my sewing machine. I love her :)
    4. Maybe $150 if I begged hard enough.
    5. This is a Brother XL-5340, a great starter sewing machine for someone wanting to get into sewing. 40 stitches, vertical bobbin holder, and sturdy enough to handle a weekend of manic garment making. She's a patient, competent, and hard working teacher.

  2. 1. The giant S w/ the burlap rose that I made.
    2. Hall tree…I so wanted it when I got it, but now it feels really bulky.
    3. The Love Sac
    4. $200? I don’t know. This is the wrong room to be in for these questions. I keep my living room very streamlined with minimal things.
    5. A GIANT comfy bean bag that is big enough for 2, but I like all to myself (most of the time). I especially love to sit in it and read in front of the fire! It is brown and super squishy!

  3. 1. The books. All the books. No, I haven't read them yet. But I will. Maybe. Doesn't matter.
    2. The clothes I bought because they were on sale. No, I haven't worn them yet. And I never will.
    3. Wedding/engagement ring. We still like each other, thankfully.
    4. Not a lot. I am an odd size, so I usually give the stuff away. Occasionally I find a clothes swap where I bring one, get one. Then I get stuff for my hubs/kid, because like I said, I am an odd size.
    5. We found the engagement ring in an antique shop. It's Victorian, and has a floral design, but they didn't know what the leaves were. Took it to the local Antiques Roadshow thing, where he told me they were Laurel leaves, symbolizing peace and protection. Better than Poison Ivy, I guess...


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