Sunday, January 4, 2015

Here's That Verse I Promised

Last night I had a bad date.
I should have stayed home to masturbate.
I've never felt awkward when pleasuring myself
Because there's no need to be measuring myself.
How awful it is to feel undesirable -
Just a placeholder, not even admirable.
So much better to be alone 
Than to feel you'd be better alone.

I don't want to take second place
To feeling high - I'll get out of your space.
I can't even say what I want us to be,
But it doesn't much matter, for you or for me.
How awful it is to feel incidental 
To anything special, physical or mental.
Just catch up on all of your sleep...
My feelings don't matter, they'll keep.

I'm going to break meter here.
Fuck off.
Got it?


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