Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anonymity Can Be a Good Thing

If I were a widely-read blogger, I might never admit this.

But I'm not, so I will.

You guys know that I've been trolling the Open Carry Tarrant County Facebook page.

My actual glamour shot.
It's been fun, because they don't grasp subtlety.

Anyway, today the OCTC Facebook page announced that they wanted supporters to sign up for email blasts advertising, presumably, dumb-shit numb-nuts crap-ass things that the organization wanted to publicize. Like its patented "Let's Walk Around with Loaded Guns Because That Totally Makes People Feel Safe" events.

Nothing makes me feel safer than two dudes in fugly hats
carrying weapons at Home Depot.
All you have to do to get OCTC's email blasts is to send your email address to

Which you can totally do if you want. can use that email address to go to other websites and sign up for their newsletter.

Which is what I've done with the following:

  • Wendy Davis for Texas Governor
  • Greenpeace International
  • Wiccan Spirit
  • BuzzFeed All-Cats Newsletter
  • Nickelodeon Universe

I sincerely hope that Kory Watkins enjoys the newsletters I've hooked him up with. With which I've hooked him up. Never mind.

The point is, once your email address is publicized, it's fair game.

So if there's a newsletter or mailing you think OCTC needs to see, feel free to sign them up.

Maybe Mr. Watkins will enjoy the change of pace from right-wing gun-toting conservative nutcase news.

Or not.

Just saying.

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