Thursday, July 31, 2014


Today I got some awesome news.

Raise the roof, yo.
The incomparably awesome The Jeneral from Jeneral Insanity has promised to provide a guest post. And I'm going to freaking stalk her until she delivers, because I love her and her writing and I want everybody to know how amazing and funny she is.

Stalking. Yes. 
Also...I completely want guest bloggers. For Jeebus' sake, send me a submission, and I will totally post it and give you credit and metaphorically French kiss you all over the cyber space.

I have no problem being creepy like that.
Send me your shit, is what I'm saying.

My email address is cbaudelaire(at) Or post to my Facebook page. Or Tweet to @drunkbaudelaire. I don't give a frig what you do. Just tell me you have a post you want to share.


Is what I'm saying.

I've said it before, I'm saying it again.

As often as freaking necessary.
In the absence of guest posts, I'll just write about menopause and Dick Perry and my kid. I'm not proud.

I'm letting you guys pick the future content of this blog. Take advantage, or read me whining about stupid shit like Open Carry Tarrant County.

I'm fine either way.

Hey, The Jeneral...where's your post, bitch?

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