Saturday, June 21, 2014

Short Takes 4: For Younger Women

This one is really short.

It's 2014, and women still aren't allowed to own their sexuality.  It's still up to how comfortable their men are with the concept of a sexually aggressive woman.

I'm sure many of you live with this concept daily. I thought it would be different, but I've been sheltered for a long time.

File it under "Wow," I guess.


  1. Yes. This is really ripe for a Long Take. If I ever get to your part of the country, we'll go have a drink and work through it.

  2. (Shrugs) I prefer sexually aggressive women. In my experience, though, the women I have been with have by and large preferred that I make the move. I once asked one of them why I had to initiate things each time. She said it was "cheap" to act as though she wanted sex - even when she did.


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