Saturday, June 21, 2014

Short Takes 3: Doo Wop

I love 60s surf music, 70s power pop, New Wave, grunge, modern indie rock, folk, soul, rockabilly, even traditional country music.

But damn, I love doo wop.

The Chords.
I'm in a major doo wop phase right now. My new car, Benedict Cumberhatch, has satellite radio, and I've been listening obsessively to 50s on 5. For the doo wop.

The Edsels.
The sound of a male high tenor gives me goosebumps. And the harmonies...squee. They just make me feel good.

The Belmonts.
So if you want to hang with me, you need to know that I'm a doo wop fiend. A FIEND, I SAY.

The Spaniels.
I'm listening to doo wop right now. Good Saturday-night-and-I'm-all-alone music. I highly recommend it.

The Flamingos.
And if you can't handle it, stay away.

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