Wednesday, May 28, 2014



I find this picture humorous.

(beatbox sounds)

I'm a wordwright...
That's a word, right?
I do my word rite
Every night
I wish that were right.

Sometimes the words write
Flying off of the shelves.

Sometimes I can't get the words right.
The word "right"
Can't begin to describe
All the words I inscribe,
All the wrong words I write
All the wrongs words can right.

When I'm wrong, words are right there,
The words that I write here,
It's my nightly rite here,
Go in through your right ear
And out through your left ear
'Til all that is left here
Are words that are left here.

When I write for you
Is it my right for you
To believe in my words?
You're believing my words
I'll be living my words
I'm believing my words
Are the right words.

When I write words,
Any right words,
Every night words
Just appear,
It's up here.

I'm pointing to my head.
Disappointing to have read?
I never said I was any damn good at this.

Peace out, girl scout.


  1. Yo! Here's a song 'bout ma lady Chucky
    She thinks she ain't at all lucky -
    Saddled with three readers as she says
    Pluggin' at keyboards through the days.
    Yo Chuck, sit down, you'd better know
    Readers like us on trees don't grow.
    At the extreme we're like a vandal
    Demolish myths, it's just a scandal
    How we won't let tales go by
    Which claim you're useless, my oh my
    Badness! We're like a bomb that blows
    We aren't defused by action heroes
    Tick tock silenced in the nick of time?
    Not about us, we blast like we rhyme
    Rip apart the blether and the malady
    We turn the tragedy into a gromedy.
    What's that, I hear you ask
    To find out and know is your task.
    Baa sheep, that's what you're not
    And lady you aren't going to pot.
    Remember when you want to weep
    There are galaxies light years deep
    Full of aliens who look like you
    As much as a squid would do.
    That's all, my word well just ran dry-
    And my workday time is nigh.
    So Chuck, come hug yourself
    Better than all the power and pelf.

  2. Allison, a blogger in Nashville
    Felt her writing was not much of a thrill
    Her friend Chuck Baudelaire
    Wrote raps beyond compare
    And for mad skills like that, Allie would kill.

    1. We should collaborate. "Chuck feat. Allie" has a nice ring to it. <3

  3. I would pay real money to hear you rap this!

  4. These are the times when I feel that I can only speak in the manner of my nom de Internet:
    Whaaaa whaa whaaaa whaa....

  5. Now I desperately want there to be a rap album by Chuck Baudelaire featuring Bill The Butcher.


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