Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tabitha Takes on Being Thrown Under the Bus

tabby here.

she thinks i will go away.
i will not. lol.
chuck can't post tonight because she's all, like, distraught and whatnot.


well, at work she got totally thrown under the bus by a co-worker. like, marginalized in front of a new senior employee. it hurt like fuck.

it was hilarious.
then her ex told her he wouldn't rescue her from a burning building because she's too fucking fat.

pictured: not chuck.
also, her precocious daughter told her something about one of the other middle school moms that made her feel really, really small and bad about herself.

this turtle is ginormous. just sayin.
i had an awesome day. chuck felt bad, bad, bad. the entire world picked up her sorry ass and chunked it under the proverbial bus. awesome.

so you see, i will live forever. because i thrive on her negative energy. and if she's gonna continue to produce it, i'm gonna continue to slurp that shit up.

icees for the goddamn soul, y'all.
and all chuck can do is smile as her loved ones experience success and happiness. because she's a total fucking loser, y'all.

and she gets to do it all again tomorrow.

because that bus...it runs the same schedule every damn day. and there's no one to snatch her from the jaws of defeat.

pharrell ain't got nothing on how happy i am.


  1. I for one think Chuck is completely badass and an all around terrific gal. Exes are going to say shit to make you feel small. Some coworkers feel the need to back stab, thinking it will help them climb the corporate ladder in this Survivor Society. And you can't compare yourself to other moms. 90% of them lie about what they do all day anyways. Just dtraoghten that spine, adjust your lady-balls, and ho out there and grab the day by the throat and make it your bitch. You have any army of Drunkards behind you, and we're as ferocious as the 300 Spartans.

    Or we at least saw the movie. Either way, we love the snot out of you!

  2. Spell check, Smee. *straighten that spine and go out there...


  3. There's nothing I can really say except that I wouldn't hesitate to rescue Chuck from a burning building.

    And these words of Eddie Izzard which I just heard on the way to work this morning: "Some people are glass-half-full, some people are glass-half-empty, I'm the-glass-is-two-thirds-full, baby!"

  4. I would of course rush to rescue Chuck from a burning building but the building better not burn to a cinder before I get there (including getting past the no fly lists my name is on etc).

    But I'd like to ask you why you feel a need to listen to what anyone else says. Have faith in yourself, love, it's the only kind of faith that matters.

    I'll probably not be writing for a couple of days. Just giving myself a break. I'll be back, don't worry.


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