Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wasn't Going to But

I wasn't going to post tonight.

But I decided there is a message I want to get across.

That message is this.

If you are a man: There is no excuse, ever, for having sex with a woman who isn't 100% willing. You have other outlets. If you can't perform unless you have a warm body under you, even if she turns her head and sobs during the act because she's afraid to tell you "no": Stop. Find something else that makes you a man, because sticking your penis into an unwilling partner isn't it.

If you are a woman: Find the strength to say "no" if "no" is what you feel. There are consequences. Rejection is one. Derision is one. Threats are one.  But being raped is the consequence of pretending it's OK, and nothing - ever - will take that away. Maybe you will be great despite being raped. But it will never go away.

That is all I'm saying.

Maybe it mean nothing.

Or maybe you'll share.


  1. So simple...yet such an important message. Thanks for that. As a mother to two sons, I appreciate this very much.

  2. A strong message there, but put in the simplest of terms. I often think back to my WAY younger days and wished I'd been strong enough to say NO more than a couple of times.


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