Monday, September 30, 2013

A Bad Poem for a Bad Day

Here are some rhyming words about having an awful Monday. You can use them if you need to. Because I just give and give. What a stupid bitch I am.

by Chuck Baudelaire 
I'm feeling mad today
I'm having a bad day
I've really tried
To keep inside
That I feel mad today
But nothing's going well
The day went straight to hell
It's been reviewed
I must conclude
That nothing's going well
I try so hard to please
And not make enemies
I fear that I'm
Just wasting time
By trying hard to please
I do not want to curse
Things always could be worse
But holy shit this fucking day
Has been a goddamn clusterfuck
Of feeling like an asshole
And nobody gives a shit...but
I do not want to curse
Tomorrow might be better
I'll keep myself together
'Cause things will be
The same for me
Tomorrow, so I'd better.


  1. I know that today is better for me, so I'm hoping it is equally better for you!! {hugs}

  2. Tomorrow will definitely be better. When you're at the bottom there's nowhere to go but up.

  3. Hope things start looking up soon!!


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