Monday, October 28, 2013

Those Silly, Nagging Fears

Everyone is afraid of something, right?

Robert Redford is afraid his youthful good looks
won't hold out for more than another decade or two.
Many of us have multiple fears.

Like being afraid that the face mask we wear
to avoid germs will make us look like an
albino duck wearing too much eyeliner.
The important thing is that we face our fears so that they don't take over.

Unless you fear this. For God's sake, don't face down that shit.
If we can name our fears, we can move toward coping with them.

Of course, there are exceptions.

And since Halloween is this week, what better time to talk about what we're afraid of?  Remember, this is a judgment-free zone: No matter how big a pussy I might think your fears make you, feel free to share them. After all, here are mine.

Enclosed spaces.

Sculpture by Laura Meredith.


Electric shocks.


Driving over the side of an overpass.

Biting down on an onion while I eat.

Being stung by a bee.

Losing myself before I've ever had a chance to find myself.  That's terrifying.

So that's mine. What are yours?

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  1. My biggest fear is that I've wasted my life and any talent I might have and that it's too late to change course now. That's closely followed by the fear that even if I had the courage to quit my drudge job and try something I'm really passionate about I'd find I have no talent for it, and in creative professions it takes more than just hard work to be successful enough to make a living at it.

    Also ferrets. I'm completely cool with snakes, spiders, and all manner of furry animals, but ferrets creep me out. I consider myself lucky to have a fear of ferrets because my other two big fears aren't ones I really want to admit to. But at least I've taken the first step of admitting I have a problem, even if I'm never going to take the second step.


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