Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Friday, and This Is What I've Got

I've got Animals Riding on Other Animals!

Yeah, that's it. The Tea Party, the ACA website, shootings, Kimye's engagement, and I'm not writing about any of it.

Because some days all your writing ability goes into salvaging other people's piece-of-shit reports that are way above your pay grade to fix to the extent they need fixing, but you do it anyway because something that bad shouldn't be allowed to exist in the universe.

So please join me in pretending today's post is brilliant, topical, and insightful, and not simply...Animals Riding on Other Animals!

This tiny monkey riding a baby boar is very concerned about the technical glitches on

This li'l gator hitching a ride on his mom's scaly head wants to know what Congress is doing to prevent another shutdown in 2014.

Neither this owl nor her Irish wolfhound mount feels good about the recent wave of student violence.

These bears are riding swift horses to encourage investors to make like bulls and keep the stock market rally going.

Mr. Mouse told Ms. Guinea Pig about Kanye's lavish proposal of marriage to Kim Kardashian during their daily ride, and as you can see, they're both stunned by the news.

This squirrel is using a snake for a taxi because he's just so tired fro seeing pumpkin spice-flavored stuff EVERYWHERE.

This snail knew he would have to ride something faster than he to avoid losing out on an offer in the robust housing market.

Meanwhile, this monkey boarded the Capybara Express because she didn't want to get home late and miss Game 3 of the World Series.

This Chihuahua mix is riding a toy horse to a Halloween party, but his friend the cat thinks they'll never get there before the candy corn Jello shots are all gone without an extra push.

And this penguin who is a-dolphinback hasn't watched the news all week and feels she is all the happier for her limited knowledge of current events.

Booyah! Whimsical, adorable, AND topical.

Suck it, Friday.

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