Monday, August 5, 2013

This Happened

Here's a story that's not really being reported as widely as its awesomeness demands.  But I take my blogger's oath ("For God's sake, write something") very seriously, so I'm bringing it to you tonight.

Texas Governor Dick Perry spoke at the RedState conference in New Orleans this weekend (motto: "We hate 99% of you"). As usual, his performance was jaw-dropping.

Full journalistic disclosure: Possibly I made up the last panel. Otherwise this shit is verbatim.

To be fair, this mellow-thighed blue-eyed groupie with great weed had fucked him blind backstage the night before. He didn't know where the hell he was.

I'm going to miss this guy.


  1. When I feel like strangling one of our politicians, I'll stop and say, "oh, wait, at least this guy knows where he is."

  2. It's hardly fair to make fun of him for this. He's really, really stupid - and the people of Texas have been on notice of this for at least a decade.


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