Friday, July 26, 2013

Introducing the "Always Drunk" YouTube Channel (Oh My God)

All right, Drunkards. It's Friday night, it's my last night of my Undisclosed Location Vacation, and yeah, I've had quite a bit of Ivanabitch coconut vodka.

So I did this.


You need to know that, as mediocre as my blogging skills are, my singing, recording, mixing, and multimedia skills are just so much worse. Yet I started a YouTube channel and made this. FOR YOU.

Oh, and there's a picture of Anthony Weiner's unpixelated schlong at the end. Fair warning.

Did I mention my lack of talent in just about everything except writing what I think may be a reasonably clever song parody?

Just checking.

Like and share and shit like that. Oh, and don't judge.



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