Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Something's Hatching

You know what I've got for you today?

A motto:

And to prove it, here are pictures of sweet li'l baby animals hatching from eggs.

Like this ducky:

Who doesn't want a small bill?
And this lovely lizard:

Cutest, scaliest peekaboo ever.
Then there are these...um...stinkbugs:

Darling...I guess? If you're a stinkbug.
Also hatching from eggs are the caterpillars of the polyphemous moth:

They're sort of fuzzy. Fuzzy is cute, right?
On the other hand...Baby tortoise!

Boom! I'm here and I'm adorable.
And itty-bitty crocogator!

Focus on the toothy grin and try not to think too much
about the horrible orange goo.
Here's a shot of existentialism in action:

Looks like a tie to me.

This, believe it or not, is a cockatiel:

Which just goes to show that some folks are late bloomers.

You all know I love baby snakes. Here's a whole egg carton full of hatchlings:

Omelettes for everyone! What?
It's not every day you see one of these creatures in the shell:

Wait, that's not an egg. That's a kitty in a Pokeball.

Life goes on under the sea, as well:

Octopus eggs! Filled with octopus!
Kind of makes up for the whole stinkbug thing.

And finally we have:

They can't put it on the Internet if it isn't true.
Lives may end, but life never does. It's a pretty cool deal.

Circle of life.

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  1. This was really cool, and TOTALLY what I needed my eyeballs to feast on this week. So much negative crapola, it's nice to see this! THANK YOU!


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