Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Just Love This Story So Much

So...over in Sweden, masters of particleboard-and-metal-cams furniture awesomeness IKEA have had to pull 17,000 portions of lasagna from their stores.


Because they contained pork.

Why is that a problem?


Moose Lasagna. Hahahahahahaha. Moose the Hell Lasagna.

I couldn't find moose lasagna on teh Google,
but here is a picture of roast moose.
And here's the recipe.
According to the news story I linked to, "Moose meat is common in Sweden though it's not typically used in lasagna." Well,  no wonder, since it's obviously so easy to adulterate with pork.

I mean, who eats pork?

This is one conflicted moose.
I'm looking really hard for things to make me laugh these days. This is just...score. So score.

Moose. It's what's for dinner.

Unless you buy pig-tainted lasagna from IKEA.

I'm Mr. Moose, and I endorse this message.
And Ping-Pong balls.
Oh, my. Thank you, gods of making the universe funny.

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  1. Moose meat is really good...I have a couple friends who hunt and they've given me moose of them makes moose pepperoni and damn, it's goooood


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